MITES class of 2013 welcomed to campus

Students and staff of the 2013 MITES program attended the Welcome Dinner in Simmons Hall on June 14

The 78 students of the Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science (MITES) class of 2013 joined instructors, teaching assistants, and members of the MIT community for the MITES Welcome Dinner on June 14 in MIT’s Simmons Hall. The annual dinner kicked off the six-week program that brings from across the country together for rigorous academic experiences in science and engineering.

Speakers at the event welcomed the MITES students and offered advice for success. Associate Director of Admissions Quentin McArthur stressed the value of reaching out to peers for help. “When challenges come along, don’t turn inward, turn outward,” McArthur said.

MITES Faculty Director Cardinal Warde introduced the MITES instructional staff and previewed the students’ upcoming challenges. While the students came to campus from a diverse set of backgrounds and academic experiences, Professor Warde noted that it is each student’s growth — rather than letter grades — that the staff values. “At MITES, it’s not the slope, but the intercept that matters,” Warde said.

Other speakers included Associate Dean Tammy Stevens, who discussed the role of the MIT Office of Minority Education and the upcoming MITES/Interphase Challenge. Representatives from the MIT Police and the Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation presented on campus safety and use of the MIT fitness facilities, respectively.

OEOP Executive Director Shawna Young concluded the program with a charge to the students to take advantage of every opportunity presented to them over the next six weeks.

— Nick Holden


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